About Us
Since 2003 our family owned business has enjoyed roasting coffees from Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Affectionately called "Cool City", Two Rivers juts about 5 miles into Lake Michigan where lake breezes cool our climate. When you enjoy a cup of our coffee, you should notice the joyful influence of our beautiful surroundings.

Our Original Roaster of Antiquity

Roasting coffee has always been a personal pleasure of ours, tracing back to our California roots. Family and the desire for a different pace of life brought us to Wisconsin in the late 1990's, the many benefits of living here kept us in the area. But, we missed premium coffees that were truly fresh roasted. That need coupled with the pleasure of roasting seemed like a recipe for business. A few business classes later and Two Rivers Roasting Company, Inc. was born. At inception, our two young sons helped in the business and many years later as young adults they continue to enjoy working in the family company while they explore other endeavors.

At inception, our company focus was "Wholesale Only" - so as to not compete with existing coffee retailers, but rather to enhance their offerings. However, as years passed - we still met far too many people who find it difficult to obtain truly fresh roasted. That is why this website was formed - so people everywhere can order coffees directly from our roasting company.

THANK YOU for taking the time to read and for considering our products.

About Two Rivers, Wisconsin

We like to think our coffees reveal the joy of our surroundings which inspire creativity!

Two Rivers has very unique geography, wildlife and recreational opportunities. Point Beach State Forest runs through the area where one can daily spot black or gray squirrels, or see a few deer leaping across the driveway. Hawks soar high above the shoreline which is often occupied by varieties of seagulls, ducks, turkey vultures and darling sand pipers. Early summer 2014 we even enjoyed a collection of American White Pelicans, surreal! The forest offers hiking, miles of biking trails that even run parallel to the lake and in winter people enjoy cross country skiing - all without any long drives. Historic Ice Age Trails meander through the forest, marked by yellow signs - and bird watching is a great local hobby. Year-round dog walking is commonplace, small and big alike - dogs who visit or who are lucky to live here relish the trees and wide-open spaces. Rich French Canadian history boasts commercial fishing, but Sport Fishing is a mainstay - harbors and boat launches accommodate eager anglers every summer through the fall run of Chinook salmon up the two rivers where they were released as frys. Lake breezes bring tourists through the city's groomed beach, one of the very best in Wisconsin, where it hosts an annual Kite Festival which has been growing every year. We hope you can "taste" the inspiration.

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