Thanks for your kind words!

"If you'd like to share a comment or experience about our coffees - please email them to:"


"The coffee came today. I forgot how good your coffee is. That was the BEST cup of coffee ive had since the last time I've ordered! Oh it was soooo good! Please tell Russ he still roasts the best coffee!"

Patti (sales increased 50%!)

"I took over as general manager of a coffee and sandwich shop in June of 20xx. Within weeks I knew we had a problem with the quality of our coffee. I contacted our supplier and asked for advice....would he come and look at our equipment, suggest methodology or blend changes, etc. He offered virtually no help. Russ had dropped off a sample several weeks earlier so I gave him a call. My partner and I were invited to their facility to discuss their product. I was first impressed by the cleanliness of their roasting house! To me cleanliness is everything in food and beverage. Secondly, Russ and Michelle took plenty of time to discuss their processes and suggest a great line of coffees for my establishment. Once in place, my coffee sales increased by 50%! Two Rivers Roasting Company offers excellent product and they are fine people with whom to do business as well!"


"Love your coffee! It is the best I have ever had in my 69 years of life!! Keep up
the great coffee! An excellent start of the day following prayers! Thank you for
making your coffee available to us!"


"Thank you so much for roasting for us. I get excited when the Two Rivers Roasting box appears at my door. I take a big whiff and know I'm in heaven!"


"I'm happy my father-in-law sent me a package of your 1800's coffee. I've never tasted such a delightful cup of coffee. Can I order some direct?"


"THANKS so much for sending your coffee to my home. I've never had coffee roasted JUST for me and it was truly bursting with fresh aroma when it arrived. Keep up the great roasting."


"One of the best coffee roasters in the country, imho. These folks know how to profile, roast and educate. Blind taste tests with other both micro and macro roasters reveal TRR consistently comes out on top. Good people who make darn good coffee."


"I had your coffee at ___ this morning - it's amazing. I work for radio stations ___ in ___ and we have the WORST coffee ever here. I'll push for change!"


"I got your cup of coffee daily at ___. Your fall flavors are delish! Loved your winter flavors too."


"I've never been able to drink black coffee but yours is awesome, I will be able now to drink black coffees without adding any flavorings."

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