Our Motto & Freshness

"If it's Just Gourmet...it is passe'."

This motto appears on the upper part of our logo. The word "gourmet" is really a noun meaning; excellent judge and savorer of food and drinks. The word has been overused as an adjective to describe almost any Arabica coffee seed, regardless of its freshness. The truth is that as time passes, coffee stales, bitters and becomes passé.

Our number one goal is to offer truly fresh roasted coffees. Step inside our shop any day of the week and you will find only green seeds as the day's roasts are either picked up, shipped, delivered or en route to local customers. We roast only to order.

Background on freshness:
Once roasted, the coffee time clock starts ticking! Roasted seeds begin producing CO2 gas, which naturally protects the delicate oils within. The initial potent release period is called "de-gassing", which should be allowed for 12 hours. The coffee then begins to release the wonderful flavor and aroma you experience with fresh roasted coffee, but as time goes by, more and more of the flavor and aromas also escape with the gas. This is why most mylar-type bagged coffees feature a "freshness valve", which is really designed to prevent the bag from blowing up from carbon dioxides. Instead, the gases are released through the valve. The bags are often nitrous flushed to help extend shelf-life. However, with all these efforts, the coffee continues to degrade, day after day of its roast, and after a period of about 30 days it has released all of its carbon dioxide, and then the delicate oils are exposed. The seeds become passe'.

Typical gourmet coffees seem to be mass-roasted, pre-packaged, or gravity binned coffees that stale because of being "topped off". Coffees are typically shiny and dark roasted, which helps disguise staleness and flaws in the quality of seeds.

We feel much of the coffee industry has enjoyed profits from these practices but too few consumers actually experience truly fresh coffee which we hope to change with the offerings on this website. We also continue to work closely with our distributors and retailers to deliver as close to demand as possible to ensure the coffees served or taken home are truly fresh. Once consumers experience truly fresh, uninhibited coffees in their natural state, they often cannot tolerate coffee that is passe'.

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