Home Specials
  • 3 lb. Roaster's Special
    Three 1 lb. bags of what's HOT off the roaster for the day.
  • $35.00

  • 5 lb. July Special
    Two 1 lb. bags Chocolate Cherry Kiss flavor, one each Sumatra Blend, Guatemalan and French Roast.
  • $57.00

  • 5 lb. Variety
    Five 1 lb. bags: 1800's, North Atlantic, French Roast, Costa Rican Blend and Guatemalan Blend.

    NOTE: may vary depending on day's roasts.

  • $55.00

  • 10 lb. Sumatra
    Two 5 lb. bags of our Sumatra Blend. These heavy duty bags are great for storage.
  • $100.00

  • Co-Workers Special!
    Fifteen 1 lb. bags, choice of one blend: Ethiopian, Guatemalan or Sumatra. ONLY $8.75 per lb. with FREE SHIPPING! Order together and save $$$
  • $131.25

    5 lb. Indian Monsoon Malabar
    One 5lb. bag. A personal favorite! This very special coffee comes from the Malabar coast of India, is intentionally exposed to Monsoon weather resulting in the yellowing of seeds (see picture). Prized flavors: spicey, woodsey back notes. A bit heavier in body yet light in acidity, pure delight!
  • $0.00

  • 10 lb. Italian Roast
    Two 5 lb. bags of our Italian Roast. These heavy duty bags are great for storage.
  • $100.00

  • 15 lb. Italian Roast
    Fifteen 1 lb. bags of our Italian Roast.
  • $140.00

  • 5 lb. De-Caff. House
    One 5 lb. bag of our terrific De-Caff. House, you won't notice the caffeine missing! Heavy duty bag is great for storage too.
  • $60.00

  • Single Serve Cups
  • $0.00

  • 15 lb. Ambassador Blend
    Fifteen 1 lb. bags

    Very Rich! A blend of seeds from three differing continents, rich in flavor, and very bold but not bitter, just like an Ambassador should be.

  • $150.00

  • 15 lb. Variety
    Fifteen 1 lb. bags: 5 1800's Blend, 5 Costa Rican Blend, 5 Guatemalan Blend. Subject to change depending on the Day's Roasts
  • $140.00

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